What is Psycho-Semiotic Language Use and its Parser, as a New Concept? How Can the Example Modeling for Use in Digital Media and the Process of Creating Digi-Slave Proceed?



This article has two main objectives. 1. To open a new concept to scientific views by presenting it to the field. 2. To show how the digi-slave creation process can work with the Use of Psycho-Semiotic Language; causing someone to develop a particular attitude in the desired direction and changing the existing one, in other words, changing the existing point of view, giving a new perspective, hence a new thought formation management and concluding it in the desired direction should be added to these. Although not by this name, it is one of the methods used in public relations.


What are the tools for Psycho-Semiotic Language Use? What is the  Psycho-Semiotic Language Usage Parser? Which disciplines does it take advantage of? In conclusion in this article which focuses on these issues, it is possible to manipulate the target and captures its mind through the Psycho-Semiotic Language use. This article introduces the Psycho-Semiotic Language Use, which is a new concept and definition based on Ronald Barthes's 'narrative strategy', and deals with the misuse of this language. Mind manipulation can also be achieved through narrative strategies formed through psychological analysis. In the psychological analysis, the effect of digital environments and the issue of raising awareness and taking measures in response to the process leading to become digi-slave are dwelled on. Wishing you to take this into consideration, the subject of the article has been written as a subject that is still being studied and developed.