Game Development on Unity



In this paper we present the result of our work on implementation of an interactive environment that can be used to develop adaptive games with animating characters. The environment is designed to run in design and run mode, whereas certain design mode characteristics are still applicable in run mode so that the player can enhance the game and keep the features for future playing sessions. In design mode, the designer, can create a whole new world with animating characters, define rules using a predefined syntax to set certain features, restrictions and conditions. The designer can run the game in simulation mode, visualize the results, make corrections, package and deploy the game when satisfied with no need to write even a single line of code.


The approach presented here provides much more flexibility comparing with static games fixed at compile time. Interactive development environment with combination of modifiability gives the player the power to let the game be evolved in time without waiting the game developers to deploy a new version. Additionally, this flexibility reduces the stress on the game vendors arises from dealing with high and varying expectations of players within a limited time and development resources. Finally, the environment can be used to design special purpose games for teaching, healing, or any other gamification case study.