The Effect of Online Learning Attitudes of Sports Sciences Students on their Learning Readiness to Learn Online in the Era of the New Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19)



The aim of this research is to examine the effect of online learning attitudes on online learning readiness of sports sciences students during the period of coronavirus pandemic (covid-19). The research was designed with the correlational survey model. The population of research consisted of sports sciences students from the faculty in seven state universities in Turkey. The sample consisted of 599 (271 female + 328 male) sports sciences students studying at the Departments of Coaching Training, Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Recreation and Sports Management, selected by the easy sampling method from these faculties and taking courses from the online learning platform. Data in the research was collected by using “Online Learning Attitude Scale”, “Online Learning Readiness Scale”, and “Personal Information Form”. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, Pearson's correlation and regression analysis. According to the research findings; There is a moderately significant positive correlation between online learning attitude and online learning readiness (p <.05). Also, online learning attitude was found to have a significant effect on online learning readiness (p <.05). As a result; In the field of sports sciences, the necessity of establishing a positive online attitude and creating a basis for a successful online learning readiness to provide a good online learning to the learner has been put forward.