Use of Twitter Technology in Educational Learning



This paper explores the use of Twitter technology in educational learning and teaching in education system. The objectives of this study emphasizes on the contributions of Twitter to personal and educational learning experience, and its adoption for professional development in 21st century. Twitter technology was invented as a media outlet in 2006, to provide a unique kind of communication that allows only 140 numbers of characters. It is a technology that permits users to send and receive information on website, from mobile or computer-enabled internet. A Twitter requires a valid email address to sign up for an account and equally set up private profiles in line with the system command. Users share pictures, videos among other educational materials of what is happening in the world. Twitter is a social media platform that has drawn the attention of its users, especially the students and educators around the world. Secondary sources of data collection were adopted in the paper review. In spite of the short comings of Twitter technology, major findings revealed that the use of Twitter technology is becoming a common usage among students and professional development of educators across the world. Recommendations include the need for sustained campaign of the use of Twitter technology in institutions of learning across the world, especially in the developing countries, and the pedagogical adoption of Twitter for professional development of the future of education, as opposed to traditional method of teaching.