Adopting TPACK to Video Technology in the Context of the Jordanian Education System



This paper focuses on the use of video technology (VT) in Jordanian schools. The Jordanian Ministry of Education (MoE) has endorsed the use of VT in schools in recent times thus the number of schools employing VT in Jordan is expected to increase dramatically in the near future. One of the existing pedagogical frameworks that can help in understanding the integration of VT into teaching is TPACK. However, TPACK does not provide sufficient insight or understanding into the integration of this specific form of technology. Therefore, this paper presents the conceptualization of a novel modified theoretical framework specific to VT, namely Video-TPACK, which is adopted from TPACK. This paper then introduces a novel collection of pedagogical processes that can be integrated into Video-TPACK, namely Video-Based Pedagogical Processes (VBPPs). Engaging the VBPPs may encourage a “sweet spot” balance of teacher knowledge domains thus an optimal pedagogical outcome becomes more likely.