Mathematics Teachers' Opinions on Distance Education Using the Educational Informatics Network (EBA)



The aim of this study is to put forth the opinions of mathematics teachers about distance education carried out using the Educational Informatics Network known as EBA (Egitim Bilisim Agi) which is a new practice in Turkey. In accordance with this objective, 10 Mathematics teachers who work in institutions affiliated to Ministry of National Education in Giresun Province form the sample group of the study. The data were collected using a semi-structured interview technique consisting of eight open-ended questions developed by the researcher in this study where the special case method was used. Themes were created based on the data and the frequencies of the themes were determined and presented in tables. In line with the data obtained, it is seen that distance education using EBA prevents students from losing their ties with the school while they stay at home and provides them the experience that education can continue under all circumstances. That being said, students who did not have internet or computer at home were not able to benefit from the education since they could not attend the classes. Additionally, since the live courses held in EBA are not being recorded, students cannot find the opportunity to watch the lessons later on if they cannot attend them. For these reasons, it is suggested that live courses be recorded and made accessible to students and every student should be provided with free internet service in order to ensure equal opportunities in education.