Fine Arts Education with Distance Education in Pandemic Period


The study had a descriptive survey model. The purpose of the study was to determine the problems faced in art education by academicians in fine arts education under the conditions of Covid-19 pandemic, and to help take measures for the solution of these problems. The population of the study consisted of higher education institutions/branches that provide fine arts education. The sampling was the academicians of the Fine Arts Education Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, and Painting/Sculpture and Conservatory Departments. After the pandemic was detected in Turkey in mid-March 2020, an attempt was made to contact the sampling between April and June 2020. The study was conducted with 196 academicians who had different academic titles.

An online survey was used as the data collection tool in this study. The survey included 37 questions in 6 problem fields on demographic data, distance education backgrounds, and problems that could be experienced in distance education and art education, was applied to those who wanted to participate voluntarily in the study from academicians. Frequency and percentage distributions were used in statistical analysis of the data in the present study. The participants stated that they experienced problems mostly due to the contents/achievements of the courses, student-related problems, and measurement and evaluation-related problems during the distance education process. However, they also stated that they experienced fewer problems that stemmed from internet and computer, distance education program, and teacher-related problems.