Technology Addiction in Physical Education and Sports Teacher Candidates



In this research, the level of technology addiction in physical education and sports teacher candidates and whether this level differs according to some demographic variables is aimed. The research was carried out using the screening model. 213 female and 279 male of total 492 people studying in teaching programs of physical education and sport from 4 different states universities in Turkey participated to the research. The data in the research were collected by “Technology Addiction Scale” and “Personal Information Form”. Data were analyzed using independent groups t-test, one-way variance and Pearson correlation analysis. According to the research findings, while technology addiction scores of teacher candidates differ significantly according to gender and grade level (p <.05), it did not differ significantly according to the academic achievement perception and weekly sports frequency variable (p> .05). Besides, no significant relationship was found between technology addiction and sports years. As a result, technology addiction levels of teacher candidates were found to be moderate.