The Predictive of Social Networks-Based Learning in Physical Education and Sports Teachers: The Big Five Personality



Aim: In this research, it was aimed to investigate whether the big five personality traits are predictive of using social networks. Method: The research, which was designed with the correlational survey model, had a total of 203 (age=21.36±2.88), 101 females (age=21.40±3.06), 102 males (age=21.32±2.70) that was selected by easy sampling and aged between 18 and 39, who studied at Sakarya Applied Sciences and Bartưn Universities, and sports sciences faculties. In the research, the data were collected by using the "Personal Information Form", "The Social Networks-Based Learning Perception Scale" and the "Five Factor Personality Inventory". Descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation and Regression analyzes were used in the analysis of the data. Findings: According to the research findings, positive and significant relationships were found between the big five personality traits of extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness and conscientiousness and social networks-based learning in physical education and sports teacher candidates. It was also found that agreeableness significantly explained social networks-based learning. Conclusion: As a result; It has been revealed that only agreeableness from the big five personality traits is predictive in social networks-based learning.