The Relationship between Academic Procrastination, Academic Motivation and Perfectionism: A Study on Teacher Candidates


The study aimed to examine the academic procrastination, academic motivation and perfectionism levels of teacher candidates. In this context, the sample group of the study consisted of 209 participants who were studying at Necmettin Erbakan University Physical Education and Sports Department and selected by the purposeful sampling method. In addition to the "Personal Information Form", the "Academic Procrastination Scale (APS)" the "Academic Motivation Scale (AMS)", and "Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (MPS)" were used as data collection tools. In analyzing the data, independent t-test, ANOVA, MANOVA and Pearson Correlation analysis were used. According to the analysis results, gender variable the main effect on AMS was significant and it was found to be significant only in the "Self-Transcendence" sub-dimension at the sub-dimensions level. According to the academic achievement status, the main effect on AMS was significant, and it was only significant in the "Using Knowledge" sub-dimension at the level of sub-dimensions. APS and AMS only positively and lowly correlated with the "Self-Transcendence" sub-dimension, and a statistically significant difference between APS and MPS was found. Between APS and MPS sub-dimensions found low level and positive relationship. As a result, according to socia demographic data it was found diffred that the academic procrastination, motivation and perfectionism. Moreover, while there was no relationship between APS and MPS, there was a low-level and positive relationship was found between APS and AMS, and AMS and MPS here to enter text.