The Adaptation of the Instagram Addiction Scale (TIAS) into Turkish: Validity And Reliability Studies 


In this study, the aim was to conduct Turkish linguistic equivalence, validity and reliability studies of The Instagram Addiction Scale (TIAS) developed by Sholeh and Rusdi (2019) so that it can be used in the Turkish sample. This measuring instrument consists of two parts namely Instagram Feed Addiction and Instagram Story Addiction compiled based on addiction components 1) Salience; 2) Mood modification; 3) Tolerance; 4) Withdrawal; 5) Conflict; 6) Relapse. In this study, TIAS was applied to a sample of 587 people across Turkey. Positive and significant values were obtained as a result of the Pearson correlation coefficients made to examine the compatibility between the English and Turkish forms of both scales. As a result of the exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, the 20-item Instagram Feed Addiction Scale, originally consisting of 6 factors, consisted of 4 factors in Turkish scale. It was revealed that Instagram Story Addiction, consisted of 6 factors in the original scale and 3 factors in the Turkish scale. After the EFA and CFA, a 21-item and 3-factor Turkish ISA was obtained. The internal consistency coefficients of both scales ranged between .60 and .93. As a result, the factor structure of both scales was modeled and confirmed by confirmatory factor analysis, and the goodness of fit values was found acceptable.