Comparison of Digitalization Problems of Local Newspapers in Turkey and Sakarya Local Newspapers



A great number of studies have been carried out on the problems of local newspapers in Turkey. The most important common point specified in the studies is economic insufficiency. Developments in internet technologies are perceived as a disadvantage for printed newspapers. As a matter of fact, printed local newspapers have difficulty in resisting the digital media that is easy to access for audience, free of charge, and it provides the opportunity to reach the news regardless of time and place. When the problems of local newspapers published in Sakarya are analysed, similar situations are encountered. Most of the local newspapers in Sakarya could not complete their digitalization and they have to deal with the problems it brings along. In the study, in which the Mixed Research Method is used, the problems of local newspapers in Turkey and the problems of local newspapers in Sakarya will be searched in terms of digitalization perspective.