Metaphorical Perceptions of Music Teacher Candidates about Piano Lessons in the Online Education Process of the Pandemic Period



This research was conducted to reveal the metaphorical perceptions of music teacher candidates about piano lessons during the pandemic periodís online education process. The study group of the research consists of forty-one students who are studying in Trabzon University Fatih Education Faculty Fine Arts Education Department, Music Teaching Department, and who attended online piano lessons held during the pandemic process. The data of the study, which was carried out with the Phenomenology design, which is one of the qualitative research methods, were compiledd through a form prepared and applied by the researcher. Content analysis was applied to the obtained data. Metaphors are conceptually divided into two main themes; positive and negative metaphors, and five sub-themes that make up these themes. When the data were examined, it was noted that the participants produced the most negative metaphors for online piano lessons, and the frequency of positive metaphors was very low. Based on the data, it is recommended to reorganize and update the education programs to ensure that the students and academicians who benefit from online education applications are prepared.