Pre-Service Teacher Perceptions on Tpack Instructional Design Micro-Course: A Case Study in the Northeastern United States



This case study aimed to discover pre-service teacher perceptions of a technology integration micro-course called TPACK_ID at XY University (pseudonym). The theories guiding this study were TPACK and the learner-centered education paradigm. TPACK_ID provided effective foundations for pre-service teachers to integrate technology using evidence-based technology best practices while applying 21st Century principles. This intervention combined evidence-based technology integration pedagogy, scaffolding, and a simplified instructional design model. Results demonstrated that TPACK_ID increased confidence in students’ abilities to find, select, and integrate higher-order thinking educational technology applications. This single-case study used pre-course questionnaire responses from open-ended questions, course artifacts, and a post-course questionnaire’s open-ended question responses. Results, implications, and future research will be discussed.