The Investigation of Hong Kong University Engineering Students’ Perception of Help-seeking with Attitudes towards learning Simulation Software



Simulation software has been integrated into education delivery process in order to provide an effective learning environment for students such as FlexSim and Arena. This study investigated Hong Kong engineering students’ help-seeking perception and attitudes towards learning simulation software at their university education institution. Students can be influenced by different factors during their study of using simulation software and depends on different situations for determining their help-seeking perception. The objective of this survey is to examine the factors and situations that influenced students on using simulation software about its usage and acceptance, including the teaching and learning processes and the usage as a supplement to the conventional instruction. A survey will be conducted and collected samples from university students in one of Hong Kong‘s universities. A comparison will be made based on students’ help-seeking perception and attitudes towards using simulation software (e.g. FlexSim or Arena) after collecting and analyzing those samples in order to provide a suggestion for improving the learning environment.