A Simulated Situational Assessment System for Evaluating Pre-Service Teachers' Information Teaching Ability



With the deepening of educational reform, classroom teaching constantly emphasizes the importance of context, and the simulated situational teaching method is gradually applied in the instructional design of activities. As an important part of the education and teaching process, evaluation which is the process of determining the changes in students' behavior in teaching through various measurements and systematic data collection should be made changes. At the 2nd International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education, UNESCO proposed that the quality requirements of people in the new era are changing, and learners should not only improve their knowledge and skills but also can adapt and develop. Therefore, it is crucial to assess whether students can achieve problem-solving in real-world situations. Further, the reform of evaluation can provide a clearer direction for teachers' classroom teaching and guide students to change their previous rote learning methods to train higher-order thinking skills. According to the situational cognition and learning theory, the element attributes and preparation steps of situational items, combined with the course content, this study creatively designed and compiled a set of simulated situational items for the "Modern Educational Technology" course for mathematics normal students, and applied Qt which uses a cross-platform C++ application development framework, and MySQL to develop an electronic assessment system. This system can examine learners' ability in terms of using technology to support teaching in information-based teaching, including providing digital teaching resources, information-based instructional design, and teaching practice ability. Meanwhile, it will automatically collect students' answer data and upload them to the database system. It is convenient for teachers to make teaching decisions based on data to improve teaching. This research further promotes the simulation situation evaluation method, which has great application value, and more in-depth research and exploration are urgently needed in the future in this field.