Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching of Science: A Perception and Practices of Science Teachers



Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become one of the basic building blocks of modern society. This research attempts to highlight the use of ICT by science teachers with respect to their classroom practices, administration, personal use and professional development. The data was collected from 30 science teachers working in schools of Delhi/NCR. To collect the data on the above cited domains a self-made questionnaire was administered. Prior permission and consent was taken to collect the data from the selected subjects. Obtained raw data was first tabulated and then statistically analysed by using descriptive as well as chi square tests. The findings of statistical analysis revealed that browsing internet to collect learning material and to prepare science lessons were practiced by teachers more frequently. Many teachers have undergone either introductory or equipment-specific training, however very few of them have received training in advanced courses on internet use (creating websites, video-conferencing, etc.). As far as perception of science teachers regarding use of ICT in science teachers was considered, findings revealed that most of the teachers were found very optimistic in using ICT while teaching.