Social impact of collaborative teacher community in online immigrant integration training



Since 2015, a continuous online integration training service has been active. In 2021, eight integration instructors, teaching online for two to six years across diverse regions participated in semi-structured interviews. Analysing the technology-mediated community formed by teachers and learners, we explored how the entirely online, gradually growing teacher community operates. The interviews revealed four influential categories for the teacher's work which encompass individual resources, antifragility<>resilience, collaborative resources, and an entrepreneurial mindset. An entrepreneurial mindset fosters collaboration and community, thereby enhancing learners' engagement in online learning and social inclusion. The study highlighted key factors for social impact within the community: informal teacher chats, the mentor-mentee model in learning design, shared materials, teacher rotation, direct collaboration with learners' environments and employers, and information shareability. This teacher community proved to be entrepreneurial and involves learners in co-design individualized integration training connected to their living situations. Entrepreneurial mindset. However, challenges in sustain, antifragile and developing online teaching, such as psychological insecurity, diversity of teachers and learners, heightened competition, time management, and workload, were also noted.