The Effect of Promotional Activities Applied in E-Commerce on Consumer Behavior



The main purpose of this study is to examine the effect of promotional activities applied in e-commerce on the consumer behavior of individuals living and shopping in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The study was conducted using quantitative research method based on Söker's (2022) scale form. The population of the study consists of all individuals residing and shopping in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, while the sample consists of 336 consumers. The reliability of the collected data was evaluated in the analyzes carried out using SPSS 28.00 program. According to the results of the research, there is a general perception among the respondents that promotional sales strategies are effective on consumers. In particular, promotions such as second item free have the potential to influence respondents' purchasing decisions. The distribution of discount coupons and the use of fair/exhibition booths on digital platforms are other types of promotions that are viewed positively. However, some respondents expressed reservations towards certain promotional strategies. For example, 15.2% had a negative attitude towards discount coupons, while 33.3% believed that promotional products are generally not preferred. These results suggest that the impact of promotional strategies is not the same for everyone and that businesses need to understand their target audience well.In conclusion, promotional selling strategies are generally perceived positively, but some consumers have reservations about such strategies.These findings emphasize the need for businesses to carefully plan their promotional strategies and understand their target audiences.