Factors Affecting the Acceptance and Adoption of Tiktok Platform through the Lens of Diffusion of Innovation Theory



This study aimed to discover the factors affecting the acceptance and adoption of Tiktok platform among Palestinians through the Lens of Diffusion of Innovation Theory. The study sought to research how Tiktok app has diffused among the Palestinian users, and discover the characteristics of Tiktok platform that affect its adoption among them, in addition to discover the benefits that Palestinian users are gaining from Tiktok adoption. The study also sought to identify the reasons that derive Palestinian users to prefer Tiktok to other platforms.


This study used the qualitative methodology and utilized semi structured interviews to accomplish the goals of the research and answer its questions. These interviews were based on a pre-established set of questions that were asked to all respondents. Semi- structured interviews were chosen because they flexible and give the opportunity to ask follow-up questions to delve more deeply into topics addressed.

Ten interviews done with diverse Palestinian Tiktok users to discover the characteristics and determinants that motivate them to use and adopt Tiktok and reveal the reasons that may derive users to prefer other platforms to use.


After interviews analyzing, the study revealed that users got to know the Tiktok platform in various ways, including YouTube ads, and the recommendation of close friends and relatives to use the platform. The majority of interviewees cleared that the most important characteristic that encouraged them to adopt and use the application is its ease of use, as well as the fact that it is free application supports the Arabic language and doesn't need a prior experience to use. According to the results, the interviewees believe that there are many advantages to utilize and implement the application, such as passing the time by watching quick videos with a variety of subjects.