Investigation of the Self-Confidence and Self-Efficiency Levels of Football Referees



This study aims to examine the self- confidence and self- efficacy levels of soccer referees . It was conducted with relational using survey model quantitative research method. The sample of the study consisted of 100 people working as football referees in Nicosia, Famagusta, Kyrenia, Güzelyurt and İskele districts in TRNC. As data collection tools, a form containing personal information of the participants , the Self- Confidence Scale developed by Akın (2007) and the Referee Self- Efficacy Scale developed by Myers, Feltz, Gullien, and Dithurbide (2012) and the Turkish validity oath reliability study conducted by Karaçam and Pulur (2017) were used .


According to the data obtained , it is seen that soccer referees generally have a high level of self- confidence and self- efficacy . Of particular, it is noteworthy that the average values of general self- confidence and general self- efficacy are quite high. However, there are lower means values in some areas in the subscales, indicating that there is potential for improvement in certain areas. Moreover, a positive oath significant relationship was found between self-efficacy levels of soccer referees oath internal self- confidence. Similar to a positive oath significant relationship was found between external self- confidence and self- efficacy levels (Sertel, Gökbörü & Yınal, 2023).  Similar results were obtained by examining self- efficacy in general, and positive oath significant relationships were found between physical self- efficacy, game knowledge, decision making, pressure oath communication and self- efficacy. However, the relationship between external self-confidence and self- efficacy was not statistically significant​ the effect of general self-confidence on self- efficacy levels are statistically uncertain ​As a result, it is seen that external self- confidence does not have a significant role in explaining self-efficacy levels , but the The effect of general self- confidence is uncertain . Others variables may need to be taken into consideration to further explain this model