When people see the word ‘’technology’’ or ‘’technique’’, they automatically think of machines. If we look at the American Dictionary, it is defined as:

  1. a technical language,

  2. a) applied science

             b) a scientific method of achieving a practical purpose,

  1. the totality of the means employed to provide objects necessary for human sustenance and comfort.


A related term, technique, is further clarified as:

  1. the manner in which technical details are treated or basic physical movements are used; also the ability to treat such details or use such movements,

  2. a) a body of technical methods and

      b) a method of accomplishing a desired aim.


These two definitions note that technology or technique refer not only to hardware but software and much more. In other words, technology is also not a collection of machines and devices, but a way of acting. In addition, technology refers to modernity. In other words, technology offers people more opportunities to upgrade their all kinds of life style.


Beyond the dictionary and other definitions, some scientists also define the term of technology. First, Teich defines that technology includes linguistic and intellectual tools and contemporary and mathematical techniques. In other words he defines technology as the organization of knowledge for practical purposes. This definition helps people to see the extent and variety of the effects of technology on both our institutions and values.