Attitudes of Students toward Computers


With the developments of Information High Technology, all applications of the instruction start to have tendency towards technology based instruction instead of directed, teacher-centered instruction. It is important to mention that computers are the main instructional support to the learning and teaching process.

As a human being, there is an adaptation process of the new developments and implications as well. Therefore; the research based study handled the attitudes of students towards computers and its new trends. By the way; attitudes towards teacher-centered instruction versus student centered instruction and tendency towards the place of technology in learning and teaching process can be determined with the reflections of the statistical surveys.

Required research reflected the consciousness about the use of computer in every day of life and educational cycle as well. It is important to mention that computers require more alternatives and advantages to students and their educational studies. Computers provide fast, easy research and analysis for the students studying field. As a technological tool, it provides the equal standards, opportunities and easy path for the successful understanding and also meaningful learning for students. In order to be reflective, recommend on the usage of computers and facilities, there should be examination of the thoughts, attitudes of students towards computer.