Online Newspaper as an Interaction Tool in Distance Education:

A Sample Application of the Open Education Faculty in Anadolu University


Using newspaper as a support material in distance education is a method integrated in almost every education applications. Newspapers are broadcasted monthly, bimonthly, every three moths or quarterly to create a positive opinion in public, announce studentsí problems, produce solutions to these problems, release news related with students, improve relationships between students and institutions, and develop a belonging feeling of the institution, which is a very important function of education to encourage student learning. Hence, institution success and reliability are increased by providing information in detail to students and public opinions. 

Developing and improving a broadcast opportunity with the Internet becomes necessary to provide a frequently updated Web site, which informs students and also help them avoid printed newspaper cost and time related problems by taking in consideration. 

In this study, online newspaper has started to replace printed newspaper as a medium to provide interaction between students and institutions in distance education. This necessity will be discussed later, and also presented a sample project on an online newspaper in the Open Education Faculty of Anadolu University.