Eğitim İletişiminde Çağdaş Ortamlar: “.. iletişim bir sorun kaynağı mı yoksa çözüm seçeneği mi?..”


Teaching and/or learning at a distance, depending on the increasing popularity of the field, due to the unsatisfied education needs,  has become one of the most debatable issue in the field of education. The main reason for the arguments is the developments in communications. Communication seems to provoke the educational needs whereas it is the only available solution. However, having so many arguments in the field it became difficult to make certain conceptual and contextual identifications concerning the different forms of Distance Education (DE) practices. Any certain need structuring up a specific DE model has seem to create a different theoretical framework. The study below is a collective summary to identify differences and similarities of the achived frameworks due to the different forms of educational communication applications.