The changes in the society related to the developments in science and technology underline the importance of the need for education. Technological developments broaden and accelerate communication, too. The opinion that rapid and unpreventable developments in technology today lead to many environmental problems and contribute to increases in environmental problems is quite widespread. Within the framework of the study, a three-factored, 15 item Likert type “Global Environmental Awareness Scale” that can measure the attitudes of all individuals and mainly students about global environmental awareness was developed firstly. The aim in preparing such a scale is to measure what the individuals especially in educational ages think about global environment, being able to make suggestions for educational programs in line with the findings obtained, and contribute to programs that will free these solutions from being national and make them global. Following the application of the Global Environmental Awareness Scale and the Attitudes towards Technology Scale (Morgil, 2004) on the students as pretest, a 30-hour computer and internet practice was carried out with the students. The relation between the attitudes towards technology and global environmental awareness and whether computer aided education has an influence on global environmental awareness attitudes and technology-related attitudes was found using the pre- and after implementation data. Regression analysis and paired-sample t-test were carried out in the study in order to find out to what level technology awareness contributes to the creation of global environment awareness and the effects of the computer aided education to attitudes towards global environment awareness and the use of technology. It has been found that the researches of the students on the internet led to a statistically significant increase in their scores in attitudes towards technology, and again, as a consequence of the researches that the students carried out on the internet medium about global environment and the homework and activities they prepared, that there was a statistically significant increase in their scores on attitudes towards global environment.