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Education Research Index™
Education Research Index is a resource for access to educational literature. It is a bibliographic database providing information covering all areas of education. Education Research Index provides indexing and abstracts for more than 1,730 journals.


ERIC is the complete file of educational materials from the Educational Resources Information Centre (ERIC) and is made up of Resources in Education and Current Index to Journals in Education and covers articles from 1966 onwards.
This database has a US bias and covers the major fields of education. Topics include:

Adult, career and vocational education

Information and technology

Assessment and evaluation

Languages and linguistics

Community colleges

Reading, English, and communication

Counselling and student services

Rural Education

Disabilities and gifted children

Science, Mathematics, and environmental education

Educational management

Social studies/social science education

Elementary and early childhood education

Teaching and teacher education

Higher Education

Urban education


EBSCO offers your publication the benefit of expanded exposure to libraries throughout the  United States and many countries throughout the world! EBSCO Publishing currently licenses the full text of over 7,000 well-known periodicals and databases which are offered as collections in more than 40 products that are successfully being marketed worldwide.  EBSCO Publishing is a leader in electronic reference publishing.  Some of the well-known magazines licensed with EBSCO Publishing include Business Week, Scientific American, Fortune, New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Business Review, Time, PC World and Consumer Reports.

Products are subject to modification at EP’s discretion

Academic Abstracts FullTEXT™   

MAS FullTEXT product family

Academic Search™ product family

Middle Search Plus™   


Military & Government Collection

Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre

Newspaper Source product family

Biomedical Fulltext Collection


Biomedical Reference Collection

Nursing and Allied Health Reference Collection family

Business Source ™ product family

Online Reader™

Canadian MAS FullTEXT™ Elite

Professional Development Collection

Canadian Reference Centre

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

Computer Source

Primary Search ™

Corporate ResourceNet

Religion & Philosophy Collection

Distance Learning Collection

Science & Technology Collection

Health Business FullTEXT product family

Social Science Source

Health Source ®  product family

Sociological Collection

Humanities Source 

Teacher Reference Center  

Legal Collection 

Topic Search

MasterFILE FullTEXT™ product family

World Magazine Bank


The AERA SIG Communication of Research
Open Access Journals in the Field of Education. To the best of our ability to discern, we have included only links to electronic journals that are scholarly, peer-reviewed, full text and accessible without cost. We have excluded professional magazines that are largely not refereed, and commercial journals that may only allow access to a very limited number of articles as an enticement to buy. By restricting membership in this way on the list that follows, we hope to do what little we can to promote free access world wide to scholarship in education.

The AERA SIG Communication of Research supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative and urges e-journals to support the initiative.


Australian Government
The Government Education Portal is the online entry point to a comprehensive array of government information and services concerning all aspects and levels of education in Australia. In particular, it focuses on Australian government policies, programmes, events, publications and resourcing. It also provides links to key education and training sites at the national, state and territory level.

The Government Education Portal also enables the Australian public to find and share news and events relevant to education and training issues. It incorporates many of the tools and services of EdNA Online - an extensive, free, public website which links to a vast number of Australian and international education resources, identified and contributed by Australian educators.

The Government Education Portal has been developed by the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST).

Please tell us what you think of the Government Education Portal by sending an email to

More About the Portals Framework
This site is one of a series of Australian Government customer focused websites or ‘portals’. These portals and their entry point, australia.gov.au, form the Customer Focussed Portals Framework, part of the Government Online Strategy. The aim of the portals is to provide you with easy online access to government information and services by allowing you to find what you are looking for without having to know which government agency to go to.


EDNA ONLINE - Education Network Australia
The ICT and School Education Research Website is a prototype for an online collection of Australian research on ICT and school education. The scope of the content is research into ICT and teaching and learning and research into ICT and change management in schools.

The site is aimed at policy advisers and policy makers at all levels of Australian school education, researchers within universities, major research organisations and ministerial companies. Beyond this core group, the collection will have a wide range of other users including classroom teachers, parents, educational leaders, international groups, business and industry, the media, private sector consultants and special interest groups.

The Commonwealth Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DETYA) funded the development of the prototype. The Project was incorporated into the 2000-2001 EdNA Schools Project and managed by the South Australian Department of Education, Training and Employment. Subject to availability of funds in the future the prototype will be further developed into a comprehensive, current and updated online collection of Australian research and international research in which Australian has participated. It will also include theses, academic articles, reports, action research and experimental work-in progress available online and in print.

About EdNA Online
EdNA Online is a service that aims to support and promote the benefits of the Internet for learning, education and training in Australia. It is organised around Australian curriculum, its tools are free to Australian educators, and it is funded by the bodies responsible for education provision in Australia - all Australian governments.

As an information service, EdNA Online provides two key functions:

A directory about education and training in Australia.
A database of web-based resources useful for teaching and learning.
As a communications service, EdNA Online aims to promote collaboration and cooperation throughout the Australian education and training sectors and facilitate the growth of networks of common interest and practice.

As a service provider to education and training systems and sectors EdNA Online also provides a Developer's Kit to assist in the implementation of free EdNA Online services into other websites and portals.

Who Manages EdNA Online?
education.au limited, a non-profit company limited by guarantee and owned by the Australian education and training Ministers, manages EdNA Online.

The business of the company is to develop and manage online services that are of benefit to the education and training sector and are national in scope. The company does this through the use of collaborative and consultative processes with the aim of building networks and a collective approach to meeting the challenges and opportunities presented by the Internet and information economy. It aims to add further value to these processes through the formation of strategic national and international alliances with similar government-sponsored organisations.

The company also provides leadership in developing and identifying standards relevant for online information services, and provides related services such as the management of the <.edu.au> domain.

How to Contact Us
EdNA Online is managed by education.au limited.

education.au limited
182 Fullarton Road
Dulwich SA 5065


General Enquiries -
News Submissions -

Ph: +61 8 8334 3210
Fax: +61 8 8334 3211

Who Can Use and Contribute
Anyone can access the EdNA Online website. People are encouraged to use and contribute to it. The resources, information, and communication areas are available for education and training. for all to use. You can contribute through suggesting a site or resource, providing feedback, joining and email discussion list or web forum, or by becoming a member of the metadata harvesting community.

Policy and Governance
EdNA Online is guided by policies and guidelines. These are available in the 'EdNA Online Policies' area of the website.

Privacy Statement
The EdNA Online Privacy Statement is available in the 'EdNA Online Policies' area of the website.

Terms and Conditions
There are Terms and Conditions for using this site. These are available in the 'EdNA Online Policies' area of the website.

About EdNA Online
EdNA (Education Network Australia) Online is a network of and for the Australian education and training community (government and non-government schooling systems, vocational education and training, adult and community education, and higher education).

Committees and Consultative Groups
Australian Information and Communications Technology in Education Committee (AICTEC)
FLAG Flexible Learning Group
MCEETYA ICT in Schools Taskforce

Texshare Database - Texas State Library and Archives Commission
TDNet is a unique leading electronic journals management system produced by TDNet Ltd, a subsidiary of Teldan Information Systems.
TDNet was primarily designed as an Intranet system to serve information customers within organizations, but can also be accessed and searched on remotely.
TDNet is free to all users within purchasing organizations. Table Of Contents (TOC) access and usage is strictly forbidden to any use originated from or targeted to audiences out of purchasing organizations.

 How to use TDNet   

TDNet comprises of two inter linked files:

TDNet main site where you can browse a list of e-journal titles which were chosen by your organization to be included in the TDNet service.
Each record on TDNet main site includes the following information:
Journal Title (linked to the journal site).
Vendor Access (linked to journals at aggregators sites) (where applicable).
Publisher (linked to the publisher's site).
Back issues archive (linked to the journal's archives of back issues, full-text or table-of-contents as provided
by the publishers) (where available).
Access permissions, reflecting full-text access permissions currently held by your organization.
Print holdings, indicating whether or not the print version of the journal is shelved at your organization, and linked to the print web or Z39.50 compatible catalog.
Local View (linked to locally stored table of contents).
TDNet main site is searchable. You may search the site by journal titles, publishers or ISSN (e-version).

TDNet TOC (Table Of Contents), stores accumulated electronic table of contents records (usually one rolling year accumulations) for journal titles included in the TDNet service. The TOC file is updated weekly and all bibliographic information is searchable.
Each TDNet TOC record includes the following information:
 Article title
 Author(s) of the article
 Article source (Journal title, linked to the journal site)
 ISSN (print and electronic versions)
 Date, Volume & issue numbers
 Publisher (linked to the publisher's site)
 Language (of original article)
 British Library Shelf mark (designates the id number of the article for British Library orders)
 Print holdings (indicating whether or not the print version of the journal is shelved at your organization)
 Full text access status (for your organization)
 Archive (linked to publisher's back files)

 Searching TDNet   

You may choose to search TDNet field by field, or click the "Combined Search" button for combined searches.

For searching TDNet Main Site click the "Search Site" button. You may choose to search the site by:
 Journal Title
For searching TDNet Table Of Contents click the "Search TOC" button.Here you may choose to search by:
 Article Title
 Journal Title
Volume & issue numerations
 Year of Publication

For better and more accurate results you can narrow your searches as you go.

 My TDNet   

My TDNet is TDNet's personal profiling area. My TDNet is free and open to all users within authorized organizations.
Among My TDNet most important features:
Personal profile building - where users may define their own collection for viewing and searching.
Current awareness - where users are welcome to choose journal titles or keywords for alerting purposes. Once this feature is ordered, users will receive weekly updates of linked contents, as they become available.

MY TDNet may also be used by administrators to build group profiles, such as course, departmental or faculty profiles and alerts.

 Document Delivery   

The TDNet document delivery feature is optional. Administrators who choose to add a document delivery option, choose preferred document suppliers, to which they prefer their users to send orders. Such suppliers could be the organization's library, a commercial supplier or any other supplier of choice.Once this option is installed, authorized users may easily email retrieved bibliographic records for document requests.

 Administrative Tools   

TDNet offers valuable management tools to enable better control and more effective usage of the electronic journals collection. Entering the system with their special administrator password, customers may:

Activate TDNet Statistics Reports Generator, for extensive usage data of their electronic journals collection. The TDNet statistics Report includes usage information on journals, publishers, aggregators, individual users, peak times, profiles, alert requests, document delivery requests and more.

Browse the vast TDNet e-journals database, and locate new journals, find out about online access requirements, add free titles to their files, etc.

Update the TDNet file - i.e. change holdings information, add or remove titles, change vendor information, etc.

Operating TDNet   

Please note that TDNet is a modular service and as such, organizations may choose not to purchase all service modules. In case you encounter problems in operating some of the features described above, please check with your library or system administrator for your current usage rights.

The Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences
The Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences, established in 1945, is the largest biomedical library in Alabama and one of the leading such libraries in the South. It serves as a Resource Library in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine for the Southeast/Atlantic region. Its collections span seven centuries of knowledge beginning with the 30 incunabula within the thirteen thousand old and rare books to approximately 1500 current print journal subscriptions and thousands of electronic subscriptions through both individual publisher arrangements, aggregated packages, and consortial agreements.  The volumes of books, bound journals, microforms, and other media currently held total approximately 350,000 volumes. The building extension and room number for the different major departments can be located in this directory.  Further information on the library's location, nearby parking, etc., is available.


Cabell's Directories

Since Cabell Publishing, Inc. was founded in 1978, our goal has been to help professors, graduate students and researchers publish their manuscripts. To achieve this goal, the company strives to maintain current information on the addresses, phone, e-mail and websites for a large number of journals. Also, the company seeks to provide information on publication guidelines and review information.

Currently we offer printed and electronic versions. The electronic versions allow subscribers to view this information online. The online version allows us to update the information more frequently. Also, it grants easier access and availability.


At present, the company publishes directories of publishing opportunities in the following areas:


Asian Science Citation Index

ASCI Database employs rigorous criteria to select journals, ensuring scholarly quality and relevance. These include strong editorial processes, original and impactful content, clear scope alignment, regular publication schedules, global authorship diversity, adherence to ethical standards, and citation influence.