TOJET - Volume 17 - Issue 4 - October - 2018





Diffusion of Twitter in Turkey

Aytekin İŞMAN   Engin DAĞDEVİREN                                        

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Inclusion, Educating City and Elderly People, a Current Inclusive Challenge

Ana Amaro AGUDO   Nazaret Martínez HEREDIA                                        

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Opinions of Secondary School Students on 3D Modelling Programs and 3D Printers According to Using Experiences

Gürkan YILDIRIM                                            

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Predictability of Internet Addiction with Adolescent Perception of Social Support and Ostracism Experiences

Besra TAŞ   Ali ÖZTOSUN                                        

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Teacher Concerns towards the Fatih Project in Education

Adil ÇORUK   Tugay TUTKUN                                        

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University of South Africa Supervisors’ Knowledge of Technological Tools and ICTs for Postgraduate Supervision

Mishack. T. GUMBO                                            

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