TOJET - Volume 19 - Issue 3 - July - 2020





Attitudes and Opinions of Turks in Germany towards the Western Europe Course Program

Yeliz ÇELEN                                            

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Drop-Out in MOOCs

İrem Erdem AYDIN   Müjgan YAZICI                                        

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Examining the Differences of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies (SRL) - Cognitive and Metacognitive - For University ESL/FSL Courses in Canada, Chile, Turkey and Iran

Firas Khairi Yhya ALHAFIDH   Carlos MARCELO                                        

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Experiential Learning For Health Sciences Education Students: An Open Distance Learning (ODL) Context

TE MASANGO                                            

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Exploring Teacher and Student Perceptions on the Use of Digital Conferencing Tools When Providing Feedback in Writing Workshop

Elizabeth HENRY   Rachel HINSHAW   Adel AL-BATAINEH   Mohamed BATAINEH                                

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Investigation of the Relationship between Facebook Addiction and the Level of Free Time Satisfaction of the Recreation Department Students

M. Sibel YAMAN                                            

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Relationship between Teachers’ Attitudes towards Technology Use in Education and Autonomy Behaviors

Hüseyin SERİN   Faruk BOZDAĞ                                        

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The Effect of Intelligence and Mind Games on Secondary School Students’ Writing Success

Tülay Sarar KUZU   Cansu DURNA                                        

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User Experience of Mobile Virtual Reality: Experiment on Changes in Students’ Attitudes

Amir DIRIN                                            

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