TOJET - Volume 21 - Issue 4 - October - 2022





A Study on the Relationship between Teacher Candidates' Attitudes towards Teaching Critical Thinking and Critical Thinking Standards

Pınar KIZILHAN   Engin DEMİR                                        

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Comparison of Digitalization Problems of Local Newspapers in Turkey and Sakarya Local Newspapers

Gürkan KILIÇ   Mustafa ÖZTUNÇ                                        

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Metaphorical Perceptions of Music Teacher Candidates about Piano Lessons in the Online Education Process of the Pandemic Period

Şefika TOPALAK                                            

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Responsive Classroom Curriculum and its Impact on Student Behavior

Emily CLINE   Lauren LINGLE   Molly IPPOLITO   Kelly KSIAZEK   Adel AL-BATAINEH                            

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Secondary School Students' Opinions on Educational Robotic Applications

Mehmet KOCA   İsmail TÜRKOĞLU                                        

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The Evaluation of Political Party Leaders' Persuasion and Confidence Levels by their Followers on Twitter: The Case of Düzce

Aytekin İŞMAN   Engin DAĞDEVİREN                                        

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The Subtitling of Taboo Language: A Cultural Study of Selected English and French Movies Subtitled into Arabic

Nevine SARWAT   Ayten ADEL                                        

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Using ICT Tools in Distant EFL Classes: The Voice of Teachers and Students

Gonca SUBAŞI   Songül TAŞ   Fatma SOLMAZ                                    

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