Articles for Çetin YAMAN

The Abilities of Physical Education Teachers in Educational Technologies and Multimedia
volume 7, issue 2, article 3, 2008
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The Use of Social Network Sites by Prospective Physical Education and Sports Teachers (Gazi University Sample)
volume 13, issue 1, article 21, 2014
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The Effect of Online Learning Attitudes of Sports Sciences Students on their Learning Readiness to Learn Online in the Era of the New Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19)
volume 20, issue 1, article 9, 2021
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The Predictive of Social Networks-Based Learning in Physical Education and Sports Teachers: The Big Five Personality
volume 20, issue 3, article 7, 2021
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The Role of the Big Five Personality in Attitudes to Online Learning
volume 22, issue 4, article 23, 2023
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Predictive of Perceived Learning: Academic Motivation and Attitudes to Mobile Learning
volume 106, issue 21, article 1, 9
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